We are GTBeyes. We believe changing the way we view and use technology represents the greatest opportunity to change the world for the better. Thinking unparalleled creates the best innovations and technologies.

Our Brands

Who We Are

Our founding.

GTBeyes was founded in 2021 by Gabriel T. Burnette (GTB) on the basis of primarily being a technology company that has multiple subsidiaries, brands, and other business ventures created by GTB.

Our name.

The question asked most often about our company is our name. It is pronounced G-T-B-Eyes. The inspiration for the name is combining GTB & Eyes together because GTB represents our founder, Gabriel T. Burnette, and Eyes represents us overseeing and acting as a parent company for our brands and subidiaries.

Our Mission.

To create exhilarating innovations and technologies which help people and make life simpler. To think unparalleled.

What We Do.

We currently own and operate a total of six brands.
GTBgames™ is a studio making first-person story-based survival and horror games.
Hoagi & Pita™ is a cat and petcare brand inspired by two rescued cats found behind a sub shop.
GTBprivacy™ is a privacy based brand creating products for companies and individuals across the globe.™ is a development based brand creating useful tools to help other developers.
Quick Tap Studios™ is a subsidiary of GTBgames™ making mobile games.
Think Unparalleled™ is a inspiration based brand with the goal of inspiring others to change the world for the better.

Growth & beyond.

We are always continuing to expand our subsidiaries and brands. As we expand, we are creating a unique and fun environment for all. Customer satisfaction and helping people is always our #1 priority.

Our Timeline



  • GTBeyes is founded.
  • New Brand GTBgames™ is created.
  • GTBgames™ starts development on first mobile game.


  • Game Released GTBgames™ releases first mobile game.
  • GTBgames™ starts development on second mobile game.


  • GTBgames™ launches website.


  • Game Released GTBgames™ releases Mail Mania 3D.


  • New Brand Hoagi & Pita™ is created.
  • Hoagi & Pita™ launches website.
  • GTBgames™ sells Mail Mania 3D.


  • New Brand Think Unparalleled™ is created.
  • GTBeyes launches website.
  • GTBgames™ starts development on second batch of mobile games.
  • Hoagi & Pita™ starts project development.



  • GTBeyes becomes an LLC.
  • The Think Unparalleled™ Newsletter is launched.


  • Games Released GTBgames™ releases second batch of mobile games.


  • Acquisition GTBgames™ acquires Quick Tap Studios™.
  • All mobile game operations and development is moved to Quick Tap Studios™.
  • GTBgames™ starts development Project WH22.
  • Quick Tap Studios™ starts development on third batch of mobile games.
  • Think Unparalleled™ launches website.


  • New Brand™ is created.
  •™ starts project development.
  • New Brand GTBprivacy™ is created.
  • GTBprivacy™ starts project development.
  •™ launches website.
  • GTBprivacy™ launches website.

Q2 2022

  • Annoucement GTBgames™ Project WH22 information and update.
  • Games Released Quick Tap Studios™ third batch of mobile games.
  • Annoucement Hoagi & Pita™ project information.
  • Annoucement™ project information.
  • Annoucement GTBprivacy™ project information.

Q3 2022

  • Coming Soon GTBgames™ product launch.
  • Coming Soon Hoagi & Pita™ product launch.
  • Coming Soon™ product launch.
  • Coming Soon GTBprivacy™ product launch.

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